The South Coasters meet once a month, on the first Saturday of every month, to discuss club news, activities, what’s in the pipeline, and future plans and to meet potential new members. Our general meeting locations alternate between our home dealership, Irv Seaver BMW Motorcycles, and some interesting destination that can host our group and serves delicious food. This location is usually picked by one of our board members and posted on our website.

The general meeting is a public event and open to non-members. This is your opportunity to meet the current president, shake hands with board of directors, mingle with current members, and get a feel for the club vibe.

Below are the upcoming GM dates. Unfortunately, you’re unable to register as a non-paying member; however, most of our “away” General Meetings have a separate signup form for prospect members. For our “home” General Meetings at Irv Seaver, you’re welcome to simply show up and join the festivities. Just ask anyone to show you to one of our board members and you’ll be well taken care of.