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    David Omlor

      I want to thank everyone who writes such kind words regarding the monthly Newsletter.
      I appreciate the feedback.

      However, I have to let you all in on the secret of SCBMWRC Newsletters: it is the ride leaders and participants who take their time to submit the colorful stories and photos who are doing the hard work. There would be no content for us to enjoy without their creative writing and photographic prowess. Anyone and everyone should feel free to submit stories and photos reflecting their experiences regarding any ride. It is great fun to read several different views of the same ride and how each experience it. So, do not be shy. Send me your stories!

      I do not edit the stories. I simply arrange and format them and assemble the submissions along with the President’s Message. I endeavor to update the Calendar page and table of contents, and then create the final Newsletter for posting. Thank you Bill Reitz for posting the Newsletter on our Facebook page too.
      Please send your ride photos and write-ups to editor@scbmwrc.com

      Letters to the Editor, comments and questions are all welcome.

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        Bill Reitz

          OK David, I will start sending all the pictures I have, the thing is they are all selfies. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

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